A selection of our work

  • Interactive Mirrors

    Interactive Mirrors

    Interactive ‘mirrors’ for Nanjings newest and best nightclub.

  • Concert Lighting

    Concert Lighting

    A mobile app for controlling lighting during the Deadmau5 event

  • Keyword Photo Tile Display

    Keyword Photo Tile Display

    A full-screen live animation using content from flickr and twitter.

  • Sounds of the City

    Sounds of the City

    A multi-user installation that allows the audience to directly influence video and audio playback.

  • Oneworld Kiosk

    Oneworld Kiosk

    A large portrait multi-touch kiosk that provides top level information on oneworld destinations.

  • Ford Driving Game

    Ford Driving Game

    An engaging, high definition driving game with rich graphics and detailed animations.

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    Data visualisation of search data for a study on ‘how Google decides what we see’

  • ‘Topologies’ Tool

    ‘Topologies’ Tool

    Software Tool for video artist Quayola to help create his ‘Strata’ and ‘Topologies’ work

  • Mirrors


    Control software for ‘Mirrors’: A permanent installation by rAndom international

  • Colour detection

    Colour detection

    An interactive colour change lighting system for Nokia Design Studio in London

  • Chivas


    A custom interactive visual experience for the Chivas Roadshow Experience in China

  • W Hotel LED Lighting

    W Hotel LED Lighting

    An interactive LED lighting system for the new W Hotel in Leicester Square